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March 01 2010

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i want to be a world-famous shatner dj. to... D.J!! exclusively with shatner clips what no dork has mixed before.

January 30 2010

January 26 2010

This is perhaps the worst thing that has ever happened to the democratic process

Supreme Court rules against bans on corporate political spending, flips the bird to American citizens who don't happen to be CEOs or chairmen of the board.
it's called tool syndrom

January 22 2010

January 10 2010

hardcore bike porn from trevor jarvis
the trevor jarvis flying gate

January 05 2010

wikipedia article on great tits

i'll comment on this when i stop giggling

December 31 2009

sigh... rush survives yet another gluttony-related incident

i wonder if he considered the ethical dilemma saving his life would pose to a profession of men and women who have taken oaths not to harm human life...

December 17 2009

Do YOU have what it takes to work for the Portland Police?

Take this easy 10-question quiz and find out!

December 16 2009

best read aloud in a thick antonio banderas-style accent

December 12 2009

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I got my flannel shirt, I got the beat in the box!

November 15 2009

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November 06 2009

My grandmother in the American National Biography.

  Natalie, have a look at this. She was an amazing woman.

October 28 2009

London Evening Standard

Pub Closed by "Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch"

October 27 2009

October 17 2009

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Powerful Soviet Anti-war Animation

October 05 2009

October 02 2009

Lenin's body is preserved with a formalin solution and regularly cleaned so that it is presentable for the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit it yearly.

September 30 2009

Danish Drug User's Union Opiate Museum
Copenhagen, Denmark

September 29 2009

el principito
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