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September 23 2009

Well this is just fucking great.

The statistics on the wonderful spread of religious and political extremism in america.

September 16 2009

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fuck! henry kissinger stole my glasses!

September 15 2009

While shooting a sequence with members of the Hells Angels, one of the bikers told [Director Melvin] Van Peebles they wanted to leave; Van Peebles responded by telling them they were paid to shoot until the scene was over. The biker took out a knife and started cleaning his fingernails with it. In response, Van Peebles snapped his fingers, and his crewmembers were standing there with rifles. The bikers stayed to shoot the scene.
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whatever you do don't look up anything in this song on urbandictionary, mom.

September 14 2009

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i am occasionally embarrassed by a picture of myself

September 13 2009

September 12 2009

still dre
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September 03 2009

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Iggy motherfucking Pop on Deep Space motherfucking Nine

September 02 2009

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what. the. fuck.
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August 31 2009

August 27 2009

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Paraisopolis, Brazil
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see this? see this?

August 26 2009

God, this guy must live in the whitest suburb in all of Florida.

August 24 2009

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The Walled World
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August 23 2009

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wish i could find some more of these

August 20 2009

August 19 2009

39% of Americans believe that the government should stay out of Medicare

The breakdown on that is 24% Democrat of democrats, 31% of Independents, and 62% of Republican.
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